Montego multi-shape lounge


The Montego is an elegant, modern, and surprisingly flexible lounge with vast and wide proportions. It has three main arrangement suggestions:

"Leave Dad alone" - A very wide lounge (403cm wide), with Dad occupying his special spot on the right chaise, exclusively, and without any disturbance. The ottoman can be used as a tray stand for his well-deserved and hard-earned treats.

"Catwoman on the side" - The wide separate chaise belongs to the lady of the house. Only. Everyone else can share the sofa.

"Netflix time" - A very spacious 3-4 seater sofa with a super wide chaise (237cm wide!) for any kind of entertainment.

The Montego multi-shape set consists of:
  • One wide sofa with two back cushions
  • One soft ottoman
  • One extra-wide chaise (135cm!) with one back cushion
  • Two decorative cushions
  • Soft cashmere-feel upholstery
  • Complete modular flexibility

    External measurements:

  • Sofa: W195cm x D102cm x H60cm
  • Ottoman: W73cm x D102cm x H40cm
  • Extra-wide chaise: W135cm x D168cm x H60cm

    RRP: $7,167
    Available in two shades of grey - dark or light