Maestro multi-function set


The Maestro modular lounge can transform into almost any piece of furniture, according to your demand. Consisting of three 1.5-seater sofas with dismountable backrests, and two ottomans: one with convertible lid, and one with internal secret storage, the possibilities are almost endless. In fact, some of them are yet to be discovered!

The Maestro can fit any room size, and can be rearranged for any lifestyle purpose: It can be an extra-wide 4-seater lounge with chaise and ottoman, or a corner sitting solution, or two elegant sitting areas with ottoman/coffee table, or a Queen size bed, or a very special place where young children (or young adults) can safely play inside a padded protected area. Whether you throw a party, if visitors stay overnight, or if it is play time, the same Maestro set can be orchestrated to your desire. You will be able to re-discover your living area in many different ways, every time creating new uses and meanings.

The Maestro lounge set consists of:
  • Three 1.5-seater sofas with dismountable backrests
  • One padded ottoman with convertible lid, that can transform into coffee table
  • One padded ottoman with internal secret storage
  • Three pillows
  • Reconstituted buffalo and cowhide leather on front parts
  • Matching grain synthetic leather on rear and hidden parts

  • External measurements:
    Each 1.5-seater: W 98cm x D 87cm x H 84cm
    Each ottoman: W 87cm x D 49cm x H 42cm
    RRP of the whole set: $5,613
    Available in either white or in black