Menton lounge set


The Menton is a modern-day lounge with adjustable headrests and stainless steel feet, which brings back some retro chic padding from the post-war '50s, on purpose!: To evoke the myth of magical times when fat-free food was unheard of, femininity was not consumed by feminism, and good old manners mattered more than political correctness. Indeed, just a reminder, the Menton is a comfortable lounge to use every day, without breaking the rules.

The Menton features:

  • Reconstituted buffalo and cowhide leather on front parts
  • Matching grain synthetic leather on rear and hidden parts
  • Retro chic padding on backrest and sides
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Stainless steel feet
  • Available as 3 seater, as 2 seater, or as 3 seater with chaise

3 seater with chaise: Back W 258cm x Chaise W 160cm x D 101cm x H 78/96cm
3 seater: Back W 209cm x D 101cm x H 78/96cm
2 seater: Back W 178cm x D 101cm x H 78/96cm

The Menton is available in black and in cream

3 seater with chaise RRP: $3,957
3 seater RRP: $2,763
2 seater RRP: $2,582