Museo dining set


The Museo dining set features a classic timeless look, with full solid wood construction, top-notch visible quality, and unique prominent design.

Dining sets are not only for dinner gatherings, most of the time they act as a statement of personal taste, placed right at the home’s heart. The Museo, with its sculptured U-Shaped leg, six elegant matching chairs, and its non-compromising finish which is felt at every touch, can bring a special ambience to your home, that will last for many years to come.

The Museo dining set features:

  • Full solid wood construction, that will last for years
  • Classic Mahogany or Walnut finish
  • Sculptured U-shaped table leg
  • Full Size Table: 180cm long x 90cm wide x 76cm high
  • 6 elegant comfortable chairs
  • Full size padded seats with high quality upholstery
  • Each chair: 52.5cm wide, 59cm deep

  • Available in Mahogany and in Walnut

    RRP: $6,120