Sphera modular setting


The Sphera is a modular 6 to 7 seater grand corner lounge, with international style design and with unique ability to adapt to almost any room size and setting.

The rounded corner allows the Sphera to be placed in the middle of a large hall as a dividing feature, to create two living areas if needed, while the adjustable headrests help to create ever-changing looks, depending on your desire. Floating on its stainless steel feet, it takes you to new dimensions of comfort and space.

The Sphera features:

  • Reconstituted buffalo and cowhide leather on front parts
  • Matching grain synthetic leather on rear and hidden parts
  • Flexible modular arrangement, either right or left dominant, to suit most room settings
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Stainless steel feet
  • Rounded corner back, to allow for middle of the room placement

External measurements / arrangement suggestions:

  • 1) Left dominant Sphera (corner): Left 337cm x Right 263cm x H 75/89cm
  • 2) Right dominant Sphera (corner): Left 263cm x Right 337cm x H 75/89cm
  • 3) Compact corner setting: Left 263cm x Right 263cm x H 75/89cm
  • 4) Extra-long (non-corner) setting: Back 356cm x H 75/89cm
  • 5) Mini Sphera (non-corner) setting: Back 282cm x H 75/89cm

    The Sphera is available in Black, in Brown, in Grey, and in White

    RRP: $9,280