Muse corner lounge


The Muse is a 5 to 6 seater grand corner lounge, explicitly inspired by International Style principles. It achieves a design goal cherished by many: Being big, yet feeling light. Its straightforward lines create a modern horizontal flow, while the adjustable headrests allow for visual variations by the user.

When placed at the corner of the room, the Muse can achieve the practical goal of maximising floorspace utilisation, while if placed only with the back to the wall - its left side can act as an elegant and useful partition between the living room and a study, or a dining room, behind it.

The Muse features:

  • Reconstituted buffalo and cowhide leather on front parts
  • Matching grain synthetic leather on rear and hidden parts
  • Maximum floorspace utilisation if used at a corner placement
  • Left side can act as a partition between the living room and a different function area behind it
  • 5 adjustable headrests, total height: 72/93cm
  • Stainless steel feet

Measurements: Left 223cm x Back 288cm x Right 103cm

The Muse is available in Black, in Grey, and in White

RRP: $8,360