Leggera modular setting


The Leggera is a luxurious seating system with grand proportions and unbelievable comfort: All the seating surfaces - Seats, Backrests, Armrests are padded with Natural Down Feather, a rare and luxurious ingredient that provides a superb cloud-like lounging experience.

It MUST be tried in person to understand how addictive such padding can be!

Not only supremely comfortable, the Leggera features a Clean Modern Italian Style design, upholstery in luxurious fabrics, and flexible modular arrangement to suit most living spaces.

External measurements and arrangement suggestions:

Extra Long & Companion: 440cm long Maxi-Lounge, and its matching spacious companion at 228cm. Both 106cm deep and 84cm high

Trio: Two spacious lounges at 228cm length each, and their stylish companion at 212cm. All three are 106cm deep and 84cm high

Grand L-Shape: Two Classic Leggera units, each 334cm long, 106cm deep and 84cm high, for very big spaces

With its incredible comfort, luxurious finish, abundant space, and beautiful looks, the Leggera will indulge the eye and the body on levels beyond anything previously experienced.

The Leggera is available in Grey, in Beige, and in Off White

RRP for one Classic Leggera unit 334cm long, 106cm deep, 84cm high: $21,300