Panorama modular setting


The Panorama is a very spacious 6 seater corner lounge, featuring modern International Style design and unique ability to adapt to almost any floor space.
Its structure enables customisation by re-arranging or omitting existing seats to fit living areas with specific requirements.

The Panorama features seven individually adjustable headrests that create ever-changing looks, and a hidden storage compartment under the middle section - a secret spot known only to you.
Occupying the space of your choice, and arranged to your exact requirements, the Panorama can become the perfect seating system for your living room, providing abundant space, luxurious feel, and clean modern looks.

The Panorama features:

  • High quality wool and cotton blend upholstery
  • Flexible modular arrangement, to suit most room settings
  • 7 adjustable headrests
  • Hidden internal storage compartment
  • Left Corner
  • Right Chaise

External measurements / arrangement suggestions:

  • 1) Classic Panorama: Left 263cm x Back 341cm x Right chaise 163cm
  • 2) Long Panorama: Left 190cm x Back 414cm x Right chaise 163cm
  • 3) Compact corner Panorama: Left 190cm x Back 341cm x Right chaise 163cm
  • 4) Long non-corner Panorama: Left 99cm x Back 410cm x Right chaise 163cm
  • 5) Compact Panorama: Left 99cm x Back 337cm x Right chaise 163cm
  • 6) Very compact Panorama: Left 99cm x Back 265cm x Right chaise 163cm
  • 7) Mini Panorama: Left 99cm x Back 192cm x Right chaise 163cm

    The Panorama is available in Dark Grey, in Light Grey, and in Beige

    RRP: $10,960